TEFL + Spanish in Buenos Aires,Argentina

TEFL-in-Buenos-Aires 2020
TEFL Buenos AIres 2020

TEFL in Buenos Aires: By earning your certification from Buenos Aires TEFL you will gain a highly marketable professional qualification that will enable you to work, live and travel in all Latin America and all corners of the globe. Teaching English opportunities vary widely and chances are that you can find a position that suits your own needs and goals. It is convenient to choose to take TEFL+ Spanish in Buenos Aires,Argentina and be able to communicate better in Spanish, Also too, If you prefer working with younger learners, knowing more Spanish is an advantage and you can teach children and teenagers.

Teaching English Worldwide, become an English Teacher in Buenos Aires

“Business English” is in extremely high demand across the globe; while those with a humanitarian inclination can also find opportunities on every continent.  Most standard contracts for teaching English abroad are 12 months; however 6 month contracts can be found in numerous countries like Argentina and for those looking for even shorter endeavors, summer camps and schools offer a bounty of opportunities.  Teaching English in Argentina and abroad is also a profession you can undertake on a part-time basis and private tutoring offers great opportunities to earn additional income, create your own flexible schedule and to work with students on a personal basis.

TEFL + Spanish in Buenos Aires,Argentina

Participants can expect a class to typically run 5 hours per day with a maximum  of 10 students in a class.  Our TEFL course is based on the idea that by offering small classes our students will maximize their learning, future teachers will make the most of theory time this way. Teaching practice sessions are often done in the morning hours with volunteer language students. All our TEFL training classes are held at language schools and companies for hands on live experience.

10 reasons why choosing to take a TEFL + Spanish  course in Buenos Aires,Argentina

TEFL Course with Buenos Aires TEFL

  1. Accredited by renowned global institutions
  2. International Certificate to teach English in Argentina and Worldwide
  3. 120 hour- certification TEFL TESOL course in class, intense and full time program
  4. Certified Spanish immersion classes, to improve career prospects
  5. Best TEFL tutors, highly qualified team
  6. Social and cultural activities as a part of the program
  7. Very safe and comfortable accommodation options to choose from
  8. Guaranteed ESL ESOL Jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Highly motivated participants will benefit from enjoying Buenos Aires while working full time as an ESL Teacher and improve their Spanish skills while living in a Spanish speaking country.
  9. We are located in downtown Buenos Aires and also offer accommodation.
Teaching English in Buenos Aires 2020

TEFL and Spanish classes in Buenos Aires

Our Spanish group classes offer a convenient means of receiving an excellent education in the Spanish language at a great value. Our group classes only require participation in units of 1 week, four hours a day, Monday through Friday (a total of 20 hours). During our TEFL+Spanish  course in Buenos Aires,Argentina you can participate in our group classes or in private classes. Students wanting to improve their Spanish in less time will choose private courses in order to focus on their skills in a limited amount of time. As a TEFL participant, you can participate in our Spanish classes in a private setting during the first two weeks of the TEFL course or in a group class before or after the TEFL.

The location of the school is great and the building is nice. The staff is terrific, especially my TEFL and Spanish teachers and the student coordinator. I was impressed with all teachers. I think the course is very efficient for the time spent, and I believe it will help me become a teacher, especially in Latin America. The book and handouts were very informative and helpful. The teacher was informative and wise far beyond his years; he had tremendous enthusiasm and energy, was always prepared and in a good mood, and very patient with us when it was needed. The practice teaching sessions were very useful. Everyone has a different style and that is what I took away from the sessions. I would definitely recommend the TEFL course to people who have self-discipline and a sense of adventure! The Spanish classes were great and very worthwhile as well. I loved the Buenos Aires experience. I have never spent this much time in a city like this and that is a lesson in itself. David Ellis, USA. (TEFL + Spanish Program)

 I enjoyed the TEFL course. Carolina was excellent. The teaching practice sessions were a good thing to have before real paid teaching.Oliver Hanzely, Slovakia/Canada

The Buenos Aires TEFL course was enjoyable and taught me a lot. The book was the most helpful. Our instructor was organized, very experienced and always tried to keep things interesting. I liked how she also involved the Spanish language in the lessons sometimes.Lily, New Zealand

Teaching Enflish in Argentina – TEFL Buenos Aires

I enjoyed the TEFL course in Argentina and I do think it provided me with some useful tools.Mackenzie May, USA

The book was very useful during the course. It covered everything we would need as beginning teachers and it was also good to get some guidance on CV and letter preparation. Carolina was fantastic. It was very beneficial to have her use the same methods she was teaching to us and by teaching us some Spanish as well that put us in the same position as language learners and helped us to see the methods put into action. She had a good balance of theory and activities in the class. It was great having to teach students at different English levels. Thanks for a great month.Andrea Chan, Malasya

The staff is great. All of the resources that were needed could be accessed at any time, and I loved the arcade game! I thought the TEFL course was very informative. It has already helped me and the practice lessons were crucial to my learning. The teacher was very organized and very knowledgeable of every subject. He managed the classroom in a comfortable way and provided plenty of sources for additional input. The teaching practices were very useful. It was great to have at least one beginner, one intermediate, and once advanced student.Trey Woody, USA.

 The building and staff were very good. The practice teaching sessions were very useful for me. The teacher was well organized and prepared. He was experienced at teaching classes himself, which was helpful. The price is very competitive against other schools.Garry Alcock, England.

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