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Welcome to the most recognized Spanish School in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn-Spanish-in-Buenos-Aires-2020-2021We passionately care about our Spanish students and their academic progress. While at Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires you’ll find dedication to high standards. We are the first and only Spanish school in all of Argentina to design a complete Spanish program with books and levels ranging from Beginner to Superior, a curriculum created to challenge you to your full potential in closely matched groups. At Íbero, you will have the chance to develop lasting friendships with students from all over the world, and you will be transformed from a student to a fluent Spanish speaker by going through all 8 levels in 24 weeks.

Ibero Spanish School Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020

Our Spanish learning curriculum encourages students to improve their oral Spanish skills using the task-based method, which involves a lot of speaking and talking with each other and instructors. There are students at Íbero Spanish School Buenos Aires from all over the world, so international students have a good chance of meeting other students in their classes who speak their native language. Students not only learn to speak proper Spanish, but they will also build and strengthen their skills in Spanish listening, reading, writing, speaking, presentation, vocabulary and discussion.

Learning-Spanish-in-Buenos-Aires-2020We have well-trained Spanish native instructors with bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees in fields such as linguistics and Spanish literature.  Armed with extensive teaching experience, they know how to teach Spanish to non-native speakers from all cultural backgrounds and countries.  They have the knowledge and resources to both challenge advanced learners and work patiently with beginners.  In addition to Spanish, they speak English, Italian, French, as well as a variety of other languages.

Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires staff knows that education should be fun as well as enriching,

we offer many social programs, outings, free tourist information, local advice and a chance to meet new people.  Íbero students come from all over the world to enjoy the thriving Buenos Aires attractions, learn Spanish in Argentina and enjoy themselves.  Íbero helps make those goals a reality!

Spanish-Students-in-Argentina-2020-Buenos-AiresFinally, Íbero Spanish Language School believes in meeting the needs of each student, and therefore augments its standard programs with a list of unique options and the ability to customize for any student.  For instance, if a medical professional wants to learn specific terminology related to their jobs, they can study from our Spanish and Medicine materials.  If a group of high schoolers wants to go to football games and learn Spanish that will help them get into college, Íbero can organize those courses and activities.  If a student wants to live in private room but with an Argentinean family, Íbero Spanish School in Argentina can make that happen.  From the moment students meet the Íbero driver at the airport to the second they leave with their diplomas in hand, Íbero caters to the needs of each individual Spanish student.


We’ve won more awards than we can count, but we don’t let that go to our heads. We dedicate ourselves to every prospective student.

Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires will be handled by experts every time. We make sure you have the most experienced professionals teaching you.

You’ll find the support you need to ensure that things runs smoothly. We’re here to help you with any questions.


Welcome to the most recognized Spanish School in Buenos Aires 

Spanish immersion programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Íbero Spanish School

Award-winning Spanish school in Buenos Aires with twenty years of experience

Would you like to learn Spanish at a Spanish language school located in Buenos Aires with the best quality Spanish immersion courses, with fully qualified native teachers and small class sizes? If so, then Ibero Spanish language school is the perfect choice for you!

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