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Best Spanish School in Buenos Aires

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Learn Spanish in Argentina

Located in downtown Buenos Aires and very near the Recoleta area (the best part of Buenos Aires) Since 1999

Spanish Certificate in Buenos Aires

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Top reasons to choose Ibero Spanish School Buenos Aires to Learn Spanish in Argentina

  • Spanish School in Buenos Aires? : We have been selected best school by USA Go Abroad, Click here!
  • We offer the best prices for you Spanish Course in Buenos Aires . With 16 years of experience in the language school market in Argentina, we can offer competitive rates and students receive an excellent education.
  • We offer best quality of Spanish instruction in small group classes or private classes. Íbero teachers are all native Spanish speakers, bilinguals and university certified as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language. We provide a Spanish learning textbook (published ,144 pages), which is for free with your Spanish course.
  • We offer an internationally accredited TEFL Certification course in Buenos Aires with guaranteed job placement in Argentina and Worldwide. Change your life and start teaching English to enjoy Buenos Aires or the world and get paid for living your dream! Read more
  • Accommodation in Buenos Aires:  is provided for a minimum of 4 weeks or 28 nights. All our accommodation options are checked by our staff and regularly monitored to make sure you will have the best Spanish learning experience in Buenos Aires! Read more 

Excellent Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires and  a great TEFL Course

Excellent Spanish classes and a great TEFL course too! If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet intensive program – in either discipline – to do while staying in Buenos Aires, this is the school to pick! My experience was made awesome not just because of the wonderful teachers and the convenient location next to some of the BEST empanadas in town! – but more due to the friendships I created while improving my skills. I was able to speak Spanish to more locals, and to other students who were also studying Spanish (but maybe didn’t speak English so well.) which was so cool. It was an experience of a lifetime made better by being at Íbero and I highly recommend it! Tara Musich, USA. Oh! And the student coordinator was super cool and made the best sandwiches!!

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires at Íbero. With 17 years of experience already, you can be sure to learn Spanish with the best professionals here. We work hard for maximum results and you will find all these efforts reflected on your Spanish learning experience. When you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, you can encounter some difficulties understanding the language we speak in Argentina, however, we will guide you in this learning process and you will learn Spanish in a gradual way, immersed in our Buenos Aires culture. Sign up!

Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires

Íbero Spanish School offers only professional Spanish classes in Buenos Aires. The school is located in trendy Palermo neighborhood, where you will find the best restaurants and bars from Buenos Aires. Our school boasts 12 bright and airy classrooms, a sunny patio as well as a common room area with a capacity for 50 and 70 guests respectively, as well as other school facilities spread through the 2 lower floors. You will have access to a state of the art computer room with easy and free internet access. Alternatively log on to the school´s free Wi-Fi network if you prefer to use your own laptop. Our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires are what you are looking for because we will help you enjoy your experience here with the social activities and excursions we usually organize on a weekly basis. Sign up!

Spanish in Argentina

Spanish in Argentina is not as difficult as it seems. Our accent is easier to understand for the typical American or international student. If you have started out as an absolute Beginner in Spanish… after approximately three months it doesn’t really matter, you’ll learn to understand whatever Buenos Aires people are saying to you. You just need the Spanish practice, the important thing is that you can study Spanish in Argentina and feel authentically immersed in our culture, 

Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

If you are looking for Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, Íbero is the ideal match. We offer personalized attention and we are leaders in the language school market in Buenos Aires. Our group Spanish courses have all the exclusive Íbero Spanish program content and our task based approach is designed around the needs of each student in their particular Spanish group class. In this way, Íbero aims to meet the needs of every individual student within the group. To ensure our University- graduated Spanish teachers are able to give every student the personal attention they need to make rapid progress and improve their Spanish learning skills, each group as a maximum of 6 students. Our Spanish private course is perfect for more individualized attention to learn faster, or if you feel your particular Spanish learning needs will not be met in a group setting.  Read More!


Best reviews about our Spanish School in Buenos Aires

  • See what students have recently said about our Spanish and TEFL courses , Read more!
  • See what TEFL students have recently said about our TEFL courses, Read more!
  • See what TEFL and Spanish students have recently said about our Spanish and TEFL courses in Buenos Aires , Read more!

Read Reviews of the Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, 

The absolutely first thing I did when searching for a place to learn Spanish was look for reviews from people who had studied at Spanish schools in Argentina. Comments on TripAdvisor reviews a tripadvisor and the Lonely Planet forums can be really helpful, as can reading Latin American travel blogs on Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires as well as the blog comments.  You have to use reviews as a way to find out about the attitude of the school – some are more serious about Spanish language learning or Spanish intensive classes in Buenos Aires while others are much more laid-back. Different styles suit different learners, so make sure to think about what kind of  Spanish teaching would work for you.

Íbero Spanish  School was an incredible experience

Íbero Spanish School was an incredible experience; not just for the language practice, but for meeting people and getting a better feel for Buenos Aires. The student coordinator let me sit in on two classes to see which one I fit into best which I really appreciated and I finally decided to join Alejandro’s Intermedio 3 class. It was so much fun and we spent the majority of the time talking in Spanish about different, natural topics (not rehearsed conversation topics like some other class discussions I’ve had). This was exactly what I wanted since speaking is often the hardest part of learning a new language,and since Alejandro spoke very good English, he helped when we couldn’t figure out what to say. His class was engaging, relevant and thoughtful, and after signing up for another week with Alejandro, I felt 100% more comfortable speaking and understanding the language and was able to handle everything I needed to do in Spanish. Also, note to fellow budget travelers: You can’t beat the price, I shopped around A LOT for language institutes and Íbero is by far the best value for your money! Brittany Assef, USA,

How much do Spanish lessons  cost in Buenos Aires?

At Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can expect to be between 8-10 USD per hour for Spanish group classes while one-to-one lessons can be more expensive (22-25 USD per hour). Nearly all of the Spanish schools in Buenos Aires provide one-to-one lessons, but be sure to check that this is the case before signing up. If you’re able to commit to a larger amount of Spanish courses it’s quite likely that you will be able to get a discount if you pay up-front.  

Spanish language School in Buenos aires, which one should I choose?

There are several Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires, but which one should I choose?  Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with lots to offer to our Spanish students from all over the world, who will capture the mixture of the different races and cultures that cohabit Buenos Aires and understand the reason for the idiosyncrasy of the “Porteño”, or Buenos Aires inhabitant. 

Íbero Spanish, our Language School in Buenos Aires has lots to offer. In the first place, of course a quick Google search for “Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires Argentina”will pull up thousands of results, which is no surprise as Buenos Aires is the most popular place to study Spanish in Argentina. With a Spanish Language school on every Buenos Aires street corner, just how do you choose a Spanish school in Buenos Aires?. Sign up!

Spanish in Buenos Aires

Our city has lots to offer in a cultural way. If you are looking to study Spanish in Buenos Aires, you can expect from Íbero a professional Spanish course and highly qualified Spanish Instructors in a warm atmosphere. Our Academic Director is the right person to assess your Spanish skills before you arrive in Buenos Aires via a placement test, no matter if you choose to study Spanish in a group or a private class. We have plethora of resources to make your Spanish skills grow.  You will also receive materials according to your level of Spanish. Start this wonderful adventure and make new friends!

Spanish Private Classes in Buenos Aires

The Spanish Private Classes program is designed to expose students to all facets of the language:  Spanish written practice, Spanish conversational skills, Spanish language listening and comprehension ability, as well as grammatical instruction and in order to learn more you should be able to complete a learning level in three weeks, so that time is the minimum you will need to go the fast way and progress in less time. Sign up!

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Best Prices in Buenos Aires for your Spanish Classes

All course fees include:

  • No registration fee
  • No other fees or hidden costs to participate in our Spanish courses.
  • One Spanish learning textbook per level.
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Coffee, tea, cookies & our traditional Argentinian mate (if you want) every day
  • A Diploma at the end of your Spanish course

Spanish courses abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

In correlation with taking Spanish lessons at Íbero, there are some online and offline Spanish learning tools that can be introduced into your daily routine to help you practice and learn even more. At Íbero we want  to help you succeed and continue to use your Spanish vocabulary no matter where you are. We have compiled a list of different online and offline activities, including interactive Spanish activities, Spanish tutorials, Spanish learning lessons, and much more to help you continue your Spanish education. Read more!

Spanish Group Lessons at Íbero Spanish

Our Spanish group classes at Íbero Buenos Aires are divided into eight different language levels, with duration of three weeks to complete each Spanish learning level. Each Spanish group class is accompanied by an exclusive Íbero textbook.  Each student will also receive an Íbero diploma on his or her last day of school. Our Spanish group classes are conducted both in the mornings with 3 to 9 students per class.  This allows us to give each student individual attention that allows you to progress at a quick but comfortable pace. Contact us or Sign up!