TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

TEFL Course in Buenos Aires at Ibero Spanish & TEFL School

About our TEFL Course in Argentina

ÍBERO meets the highest standards, not only with regard to the accuracy, accreditation, integrity and academic excellence, but also to offer international students the opportunity to study at a challenging, reliable and comfortable learning environment. We ensure consistency of standards and support equality of opportunity in all our programs and uphold strict conditions for policy and procedures of registration, candidate identity, grading and moderation..

Our TEFL instructors are all highly qualified professionals with extensive TEFL and English teaching experience, and a commitment to academic TEFL training. Above all, they are talented  facilitators of knowledge and communicators who can make their trainees share their enthusiasm, energy and professionalism in a practical and challenging way.

Our TEFL course in Buenos Aires  is limited to a maximum of 15 trainees. Our program is extremely intensive with 120 total training hours in 4 weeks – comprised of 100 hours of classes, 10 hours of academic class observation and 10 hours teaching practices. All trainees are expected to work on assignments, self- evaluations, self-study, class planning and preparation outside academic hours, so please be prepared for a demanding load of time and energy. It is advisable to remember that you should not have other commitments during the period of your TEFL course given the fact that you should focus all your energy on the strict demands of the program because of the reasons mentioned above.

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TEFL course of four weeks and 120 hours

Over the  TEFL course of four weeks and 120 hours of coursework, trainees will become familiar with the principles of English language teaching and begin to develop the skills they need to teach non speaking English
students effectively.
Upon successful course completion, our trainees will be qualified to teach English in classrooms across the globe.

Our course is an intensive training program that includes English teaching practice with real language learners, classroom observation of experienced and highly qualified teachers, and written assignments.

The course is designed for candidates with no previous English teaching experience, but is also suitable for those who have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL fiel


The classroom part of the TEFL training runs from 09:00 AM until 14:00 PM.
However, students will need to leave afternoons available to study, plan classes, observe classes, and teach practice classes.
This 120 hour course is very intensive, so please make sure you are able to fully dedicate to the program without other commitments!


1-     January 31st, February 24th
2-     February 27th- March 24th
3-     March 27th- April 21st
4-     April 24th-May 19th
5-     May 22nd-June 16th
6-     June19th- July 14th
7-     July17th- August 11th
8-     August 14th-September 8th
9-     September 11th-October 6th
10- October 9th- November 3rd
11- November 6th-December 1st
12- December 4th- December 29th


·         120 hours International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated by educational organizations in the UK. Training and input according to the academic standards proposed by TEFL specialists from the University of Cambridge ESOL Awards
·         Our own material, course syllabus and coursebook
·         10 hours of classroom observation
·         10 hours  of teaching practice
·         Continuous assessment throughout the course & academic assignments to track progress
·         Guaranteed job positions for our merit TEFL graduates
·         4 weekly tests. These tests will measure your progress and help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will guide you and correct tests every Friday during the course.
·         Access to professional development and ELT seminars: You will have the chance to assist conferences, workshops and special courses for English teachers at no cost or at a discounted rate.
·         International Diploma and TEFL Trainee final report

Some features to consider when choosing a TEFL Course

·         Is the language school/ TEFL provider of your choice experienced in the language school market?
·         Does it have an academic syllabus?
·         Does it include an own coursebook?
·         Does it comprehend at least 100 training hours and a minimum of 6 teaching practices?
·         Does it provide appropriately experienced teacher trainers?
·         Does the school offer job placement assistance?
·         Is the school accredited?
·         Does it offer teaching practice sessions at the required levels throughout the course?
·         Does it provide at least 6 hours observation of appropriately experienced teachers for all trainees?
·         Does the school assess trainees continually during the course?
·         Does it offer good and comfortable facilities?
·         Do students get an internationally valid diploma and a student report after the course?

Why choose ÍBERO TEFL/TESOL Course?

  • ·         Best Quality, Best value for money: ÍBERO TEFL aims to provide the best quality TEFL/TESOL training at the best value. We have the best price for academic teaching, our rates are the lowest in the market and our course is high quality. It is our strong belief that anyone can become a teacher with the right training and the right attitude!
  • ·         Great price!  We keep our fees consistently low; our 4 week TEFL course costs only 990USD. Our program does not have any other hidden extra costs. Our fees are competitive and fair. Please see Special Offers
  • ·         Experienced staff and highly qualified Teachers: ÍBERO team has many years of experience both as a training centre and as a language school. We want to enable others to have the fantastic experiences we have had. We have experts running and writing our programs. Our TEFL staff is experienced and highly qualified (University Diploma and/ or M.A.) And most importantly, our TEFL trainers are caring and supportive of each individual group of TEFL trainees.
  • ·         International Diploma: ÍBERO is a fully accredited and internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL provider. Through us you will get a respectable TEFL/TESOL Certification that is accepted throughout the world.
  • ·         Recommendations: We find a very high level of success with the students who complete a program at Íbero. A high percentage of all our applicants have been recommended by previous students and trainees on Íbero TEFL courses.
  • ·         Best Location, Downtown: ÍBERO has the key advantage of a centrally based location and comfortable, pleasant facilities. We are located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires in a comfortable building at Paraná 755 Street , 6th Floor, C . We offer a professional but friendly setting for our TEFL/TESOL courses.
  • ·         Own Materials and Books: ÍBERO TEFL staff has created an own TEFL teaching book as well as a complete testing system and an academically proved teaching method.
  • ·         Acceptance: ÍBERO TEFL/TESOL course is suitable for everyone whether you’ve never taught before or are already teaching.
  • ·         Teaching Practice: Teaching practice on real English language students builds your confidence in the classroom. Without doubt, there is no replacement for English Teaching Practice on real language students to prepare you for the teaching environment.
  • ·         Job placement: Our diploma is an achievement of “Academic Excellence” with many employment options in higher level positions. This means that the ÍBERO TEFL/TESOL  Diploma will provide you with the widest array of specialized employment options, more benefits, and higher pay.
  • ·         Learn Spanish: As one of the most commonly spoken languages, learning Spanish will give you the opportunity to travel all over the world and speak the native language. As the official language of 21 countries, studying Spanish will not only give you the chance to travel to some exciting places, but will also allow you the possibility of living and working abroad.
  • ·         Quality Spanish Courses: ÍBERO takes a personalized approach to teaching Spanish, adjusting to the level and needs of students. Our courses are designed so that students complete an entire unit in three weeks, or after 60 hours of group instruction. We teach the Spanish necessary to communicate and navigate in a variety of situations, be they work related or social situations. We provide our students with our own line of Spanish course books which we have developed over the years, focusing on the themes and areas our students struggle with most.
  • ·         Social life Program: Each week we plan outings to museums, trips to local restaurants and cafes and we invite students and their friends to come and practice their Spanish outside of the classroom.
  • ·         Volunteer Program: Our school also partners with a volunteer organization. Students who choose to participate in volunteering find that they not only improve their Spanish, but learn more about the community through giving back
Special Spanish Classes: Option to sign up for specialized courses such as Business Spanish, International examinations preparation and many other subject specific private courses.

English Teaching Jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Right after the TEFL course finishes we offer ESL jobs in Buenos Aires for free as an integral part of the course.We look for passionate people who can commit themselves to either 6 months or 1 year.As a teacher you will have classroom responsibilities including creating lesson plans for your students and curriculum development.Our IBERO TEFL Course is one of the most widely recognizedTEFL certificate programs in Latin America, with international validity.Upon receiving our TEFL certificate, trainees will immediately be able to work in Buenos Aires, Argentina and elsewhere.

Guaranteed and paid job positions are an integral part of our course.Being the only one in Argentina accredited by a UK university, our certification course goes beyond borders.We offer trainees the unique experience of getting an international diploma with the plus of improving their Spanish skills for an ever increasingcompetitive job market.

TEFL Course Accreditation

At ÍBERO TEFL, we ensure consistency of standards and support equality of opportunity in all our programs and uphold strict conditions for policy and procedures of registration, candidate identity, grading and moderation.ÍBERO TEFL is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) which is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.The mission of IAO is to establish, preserve and promote the finest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training and networking to educational institutes, professionals, students & corporations. IAO grants international accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System that is developed by organizing the best global organizational practices in one place in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies.

ÍBERO TEFL is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference:

– B1 Intermediate (UK Entry level)
– B2 Advanced (UK level 1)
– C1 Proficiency (UK level 2)
– C2 Masters (UK level 3)