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With years of experience in the language school market, we can offer competitive rates and students receive an excellent education.

We do not depend or work with travel agencies reason by which our published prices can be so good; therefore we can offer great tuition at the best price for all students.  Read more

Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires Argentina 2016

Why choose Íbero ?

Small classes, Group classes are limited to between three and nine students.

Quality instruction, Íbero teachers are all native speakers and university certified  as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language.

Competitive prices, Thanks to many years of experience, Íbero is able to offer  some of the lowest prices Read More

Buenos aires Spanish School and Classes 2016

Our Spanish Program

Íbero School takes a personalized approach to teaching Spanish, adjusting to the level and needs of students. Our courses are designed so that students complete an entire unit in three weeks, or after 60 hours of group instruction. We teach the Spanish necessary to communicate and navigate in a variety of situations. be they work related or social situations. We provide our students with our own line of Spanish course books which we have developed focusing on the themes and areas our students  Read More

Excellent Spanish classes and a great TEFL course

2618917Excellent Spanish classes and a great TEFL course too! If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet intensive program - in either discipline - to do while staying in Buenos Aires, this is the school to pick! My experience was made awesome not just because of the wonderful teachers and the convenient location next to some of the BEST empanadas in town! - but more due to the friendships I created while improving my skills. I was able to speak Spanish to more locals, and to other students who were also studying Spanish (but maybe didn't speak English so well.) which was so cool. It was an experience of a lifetime made better by being at Íbero and I highly recommend it! Tara Musich, USA. Oh! And the student coordinator was super cool and made the best sandwiches!!



Brittany AssefÍbero Spanish School was an incredible experience; not just for the language practice, but for meeting people and getting a better feel for Buenos Aires. The student coordinator let me sit in on two classes to see which one I fit into best which I really appreciated and I finally decided to join 
Alejandro’s Intermedio 3 class. It was so much fun and we spent the majority of the time talking in Spanish about different, natural topics (not rehearsed conversation topics like some other class discussions I’ve had). This was exactly what I wanted since speaking is often the hardest part of learning a new language,and since Alejandro spoke very good English, he helped when we couldn't figure out what to say. His class was engaging, relevant and thoughtful, and after signing up for another week with Alejandro, I felt 100% more comfortable speaking and understanding the language and was able to handle everything I needed to do in Spanish. Also, note to fellow budget travelers: You can’t beat the price, I shopped around A LOT for language institutes and Íbero is by far the best value for your money! Brittany Assef, USA, 

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Why does Íbero cost less than other similar programs? Because with 16 years in the language school market, we are able to offer high quality Spanish academic classes at affordable prices and prefer to be a small cozy school, where people enjoy studying Spanish and 99% of our student population would recommend us.

Spanish Group Classes 2002

TEFL Courses

This course is an international diploma valid internationally to teach English anywhere in the world. It is intense, with 4 weeks total and 120 hours with all corresponding methodology in TEFL/TESOL and teaching practice sessions with real voluntary students at all levels of English fluency. We run this TEFL course at Íbero every month, in daily classes, from Monday through Friday, 9.00 am to 2 pm. Read More

Spanish School and Accommodation in Buenos Aires 2016


We also offer accommodation to bring students closer to the Argentinian culture. The minim stay in all our homestays and shared apartments is 4 weeks. We only offer highly comfortable accommodation, walking distance to the school or with super easy accessible transportation, with 24-hour security and WIFI. You will also have access to the kitchen to prepare your own meals and have a key to come and go as you please. Read More

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Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

If you’re searching for the most affordable Spanish school, look no further than Íbero.   We offer the best prices on Spanish courses in all of Buenos Aires.Our Spanish school Ibero is a leader Spanish school in Buenos Aires. We started with a very small school in 1999 and we are now today one of the most renowned Spanish schools in Buenos Aires to study Spanish and to become TEFL certified. Click here to see our courses

Spanish Group Classes in Buenos Aires at Ibero School  TEFL

Why choose ÍBERO for TEFL/TESOL and Spanish?​

Students planning to teach English in a Spanish speaking country

find the combination of Spanish lessons and the TEFL/TESOL CertificationCourse an invaluable combination.  Íbero’s immersive Spanish classes fully prepare students to live in a Spanish speaking country, while the TEFL /TESOL program gives students the basis they need to find a job in Argentina or abroad. Read More

Spanish Group Classes in Buenos Aires at Ibero School

Our Spanish Program

Íbero School takes a personalized approach to teaching Spanish, adjusting to the level and needs of students.

Our courses are designed so that students complete an entire unit in three weeks, or after 60 hours of group instruction. We teach the Spanish necessary to communicate and navigate in a variety of situations, Read More!

​These are some of the universities we have cooperated with:

Ibero Spanish School Banner ​These are some of the universities


3196102I studied Spanish with Ibero for 3 months in 2008. I found Íbero welcoming, flexible and more than anything enjoyable. Classes are fun and interactive. I did both private and group classes and found them to be very comfortable and effective en enhancing my learning. I also had a homestay for my time with Ibero. I was very lucky to be placed with a hospitable and friendly family, which improved my Spanish, and taught me a great deal about Argentina.

​ Lucy Nijam, Nurse, Australia

Spanish Combined courses:

Combined courses mean combining Spanish group lessons in the morning with private lessons in the afternoon, therefore resulting in an exclusive course with all benefits of group classes where the pace is according to each class with the advantages of a private instruction course, where the pace is faster and the class is entirely tailored to the student´s learning needs. Some students who want to apply for Bildungsurlaub have chosen this course, because it contains the best of both courses. 30 hours of weekly classes, Monday through Friday, 6 hours per day. Price: 500 USD per week.
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Íbero Spanish School, Day Classes

With an extensive expertise in the language school market in Buenos Aires, Íbero is a small school in downtown Buenos Aires with Argentinian owners who are Linguists offering daily Spanish immersion classes either in groups or private courses.
These are our daily Spanish immersion courses:

Spanish group morning classes (10 am to 1pm). Spanish immersion daily classes in small groups at all levels from absolute beginner to Advanced/Superior. 15 hours of weekly classes, Monday through Friday, 3 hours per day. Price: 125 USD per week, 2016 promotional price. Super Offer: Bring a friend and pay half  Read More


Ibero Spanish School

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