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Íbero offers students detailed information for their incredible stay in Buenos Aires. The options that the school provides are essential to live in Buenos Aires in the most affordable way and we want to make sure you are getting outside services for a reasonable price.

We work with a dynamic specialist for general activities and information regarding various touristic services, which offers a wide array of weekly programs of social and cultural events.

The hard work of our activity coordinator allows all the students to enjoy their time at Íbero and makes the Spanish program a rich and gratifying experience to remember.

Íbero Spanish School offers a variety of extracurricular activities each week

These activities are organized in order to encourage students to learn about the traditions, art, and entertainment of the city in which they are studying, and also to provide students with contexts in which they can practice the Spanish that they are learning each day. Íbero will arrange and chaperone some activities, while others Íbero will encourage students to explore on their own.

Some of the activities organized by our school are

  • Conversation workshops.
  • Accent reduction lessons.
  • Argentinian cinema.
  • Free pass to bars, pubs and clubs.
  • Taking part in volunteering.
  • Watching an Argentine film.
  • Having free conversation or accent reduction lessons.
  • Attending a traditional music concert.
  • Eating Argentine dinner with classmates and staff.
  • Making a weekend trip to an Estancia for horseback riding and swimming.
  • Going to one of the infamous night club.

Weekend Trips

Samples of the weekend trips include the following:

Day Trip to Tigre and Delta: This trip leaves directly from Íbero and brings students to visit the Cathedral of San Isidro, Tigre’s stunning Puerto de Frutos and to the island of Delta via a boat ride.

Day Trip to San Antonio de Areco: This trip includes a visit to the town as well as Estancia Argentina. With lavish meals, singing and folklore, this is a true estancia experience.

Interested in knowing more? We’re here to help!

Let us know in which program you are interested in and we’ll do our best to help.


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