Ibero Spanish Textbooks

Our textbooks

Íbero Spanish School has developed its own line of educational textbooks that accompany each level of Spanish – from Beginner 1 to Superior.

Ibero Spanish Textbooks: At Íbero our small size allows us to provide a more personalized experience with a welcoming, friendly vibe. We use exclusive textbooks developed by the Academic Director that are tailored to fit each students individual need and our Spanish courses are structured to provide ample opportunities to enjoy the culture and spirit of the city. Last, but not least the professors at Íbero are all welcoming, professional, experienced, and dedicated to helping students. If you are looking for a tailor made learning experience at a great price then look no further. Our Spanish learning textbooks were created from years of experience and dedication to teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and have proven worth as thousands of students have reached proficiency, and even fluency, with them.

Ibero Spanish Textbooks: All students are tested before starting any type of course at Íbero.

  • Once the level test is completed, each student is assigned to the appropriate course.
  • On the first day of class, all Íbero instructors further assess the student’s knowledge and objectives. With this knowledge they are able to teach Spanish in a manner that makes learning gradual and fun.
  • Classes utilize books from the Íbero line and emphasize the acquisition of oral and written language skills so that students leave able to read, write, speak and understand Spanish.
  • Instructors always supplement written materials with conversation practice, classic Argentine films and music, famous literature, compositional practice, learning games and much more.
  • The Spanish immersion classes at Íbero are separated into eight different levels from Beginner I to Superior and last the duration of three weeks.
  • Students advance to the next level upon examination at the end of each course.
  • Spanish courses are held Monday through Friday for four hours with the option to take classes in the morning (9:00-1:00) or in the afternoon (2:00-6:00).
  • We host a variety of Spanish courses including group courses, private, semi-private, and/or combination courses.
  • Each course level is accompanied with an exclusive Íbero Spanish book developed by our academic director. Our course books have been developed and improved over the years. In fact, we are the only school in Buenos Aires with a self-published line of Spanish learning textbooks.
  • Ibero Spanish Textbooks: Our Spanish program integrates speaking, listening, reading and writing in real life situations. Starting from your first class you will be speaking, reading, and communicating in Spanish.
  • Ibero Spanish Textbooks: We maintain small class sizes to enable adequate time for conversation in every class. Our Spanish lessons are task based, which is a very modern and effective way to teach languages. We focus on the use of authentic language, which is especially useful to develop fluency and improve confidence.