Apply for Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires

Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires 2020
Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires 2020

What to take into account when applying for Spanish classes in Buenos Aires

Apply for Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires has been called by all visitors Paris of the South. Wonderful and therefore Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires is known for its wonderful architecture and the tango. Our city, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires,  has 48 diverse districts, or barrios which include, La Boca, an Italian neighborhood, San Telmo with its flea markets and tango avenues, and Palermo. Buenos Aires, where Íbero Spanish, the best Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires is located, has something for everyone making it the best destination when looking to learn and experience Spanish and the Argentinian culture! Buenos Aires has no doubt European sophistication, warm people, Tango and of course the beauty of the Buenos Aires Spanish language.Our Spanish School is the only one where Spanish Teachers hold Masters Degrees in Spanish. Unlike other Buenos Aires Spanish Language Schools, Íbero Spanish Language School is well-known and recommended worldwide.  We are pleased to offer international students  our Spanish immersion courses in Argentina.  Our Spanish Language School is dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Buenos Aires. Íbero keeps the promise to offer the best, cost-effective Spanish intensive course in Buenos Aires.  Íbero Spanish is the only Argentinian language school in where all the teachers hold a Master’s degree, either in Literature or Education, and have taught Spanish as a foreign language for more than five years. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers and extensively trained. Our Spanish classes are small, therefore, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish.

How to find a Spanish Class in Buenos Aires and which are the Best Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires Argentina

Very few Spanish schools will ensure an optimum quality standard, here at Íbero Spanish Buenos Aires our strengths are the quality and vast experience of our Spanish teachers and the professionalism with which you’ll be treated from the very first time you will contact us. Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires assures you that you will obtain the best cost effective Spanish School in Argentina. Our school is both nationally and internationally recognized. We are aware of the Spanish learning needs and requirements of each of our international students. At our Buenos Aires Spanish Language School, the personal attention given to each student is created in a family atmosphere where our students can have someone there when help is needed and our staff is always concerned with the academic development of every and each student throughout the entire Spanish program. In our high season, we have had up to 70 to 80 students per month! Extra activities on weekdays are always organized and planned to supplement your Spanish learning language skills by learning even more about Argentina’s culture, people, food, and traditions.


Coffee breaks  at Íbero Spanish School are not only breaks given to relief students from studying Spanish . You’ll find we offer pleasant surprises every day. We always try to offer something different and fun. All Íbero Spanish teachers who instruct Spanish intensive lessons in our school have been evaluated and approved by our Academic Director in order for each of our students to have an education of the highest quality. Our management and staff are highly motivated to perform their duties. One of our policies is to provide fair wages, as well as ongoing Spanish training and the goal to work in a warm, friendly and professional environment. We love to be part of an excellent team! Each year Íbero Spanish evaluates the host families that students have an option to live with.

The doors of our administrative office are always open for all students to tell us their Spanish learning needs, expectations, if they want to make a change in their Spanish immersion program, or if students simply have any question or want to give us a suggestion. Íbero Spanish is an excellent school with clear policies and fluid communication channels, which allows us to transform our daily work in a unique and valuable Spanish experience for each of our students. The prices you see on our Íbero Spanish website are the costs you will pay. There are no hidden fees or unfair surprises. We offer you a unique and own Spanish Textbook “Método para aprender español”.

Spanish group lessons at Ibero Spanish School 2020

Spanish  Language Schools in Buenos Aires, which one should I choose?

There are several Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires Argentina, but which one should I choose?  Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with lots to offer to our Spanish students from all over the world, who will capture the mixture of the different races and cultures that understand the reason for the idiosyncrasy of the “Porteño”or Buenos Aires inhabitant.

Íbero Spanish, our Language School in Buenos Aires has lots to offer. In the first place, of course a quick Google search for “Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires Argentina” will pull up thousands of results, which is no surprise as Buenos Aires is the most popular place to study Spanish in Argentina. With a Spanish Language school on every Buenos Aires street corner, just how do you choose a Spanish school in Buenos Aires?

Read Reviews of the Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The absolutely first thing I did when searching for a place to learn Spanish was look for reviews from people who had studied at Spanish schools in Argentina. Comments on TripAdvisor reviews a and the Lonely Planet forums can be really helpful, as can reading Latin American travel blogs on Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires as well as the blog comments.  You have to use reviews as a way to find out about the attitude of the school – some are more serious about Spanish language learning or Spanish intensive classes in Buenos Aires while others are much more laid-back. Different styles suit different learners, so make sure to think about what kind of  Spanish teaching would work for you.

Do You Need a Homestay?

There’s no doubt about it, homestays are the best way to be fully immersed in Spanish language learning. Homestays mean staying with Buenos Aires Spanish speaking families who usually speak very little or more often no English at all. While this can be awkward at first when you’re a Spanish complete beginner, being in a position where you actually have to speak Spanish will be hugely beneficial for your Spanish learning. However, not everyone is so keen to participate in a homestay, especially if learning Spanish isn’t their primary reason for being in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lucyand I were house sitting while we were staying in Buenos Aires, so I was only looking for Spanish lessons rather than Spanish immersion.

How long are the Spanish Lessons?

Most Spanish Language Schools in Argentina run Spanish lessons for a minimum of four hours and up to a maximum of 6 hours per day. Depending on how much time you are able to commit, you will have to make sure to check with your Spanish Language School what their standard Spanish lesson length is and whether this is flexible. As I also had house sitting and work commitments, I was only looking for 4 hour Spanish classes but found that I had no problem finding a Spanish school happy to accommodate me, even at short notice. About the climate here in Buenos Aires, what our Spanish students can find in the central region where Buenos Aires is located, the mild climate tends to be agreeable year-round and mildly humid due to the city’s location in the Pampas region, next to the Río de la Plata.

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