Buenos Aires Spanish Course


Buenos Aires Spanish Course: If you are looking for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires Íbero Spanish School wants to give you a warm welcome to our Spanish language school and offer you a great Spanish study opportunity. Here we have the Spanish course in Buenos Aires for you. With Spanish courses in Buenos Aires throughout the year, our Spanish immersion courses are specially designed to guarantee you fast language learning. Our Spanish course in Buenos Aires are based on a direct methodology taught by highly professional, native Spanish teachers, in small groups, with up-to-date material, a selection of accommodation guaranteed to meet your needs and finally, an interesting program of cultural and leisure activities. If you are looking for a Spanish coursein Buenos Aires, Íbero offers a high quality Spanish language teaching certificates by Institute Cervantes.

Our complete list of Spanish course in Buenos Aires and other courses includes:

  • Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires
  • TEFL course
  • Online Spanish classes
  • Activities: Tango classes and social program, which varies week by week
  • Accommodation

No matter what type of course you choose or the duration of your stay, where you want to work or learn Spanish in Buenos Aires; our objective is to help our students to achieve total immersion within Argentina. Each program is structured to help you learn everything about the Spanish language, customs and lifestyle of Argentina.

Spanish Course in Buenos Aires

Why choose to study a Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Our students at Íbero Spanish School take Spanish immersion courses for various reasons: some are learning Spanish for work, others for University study and others simply for personal interest. Whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you can be sure that Íbero´s Spanish immersion flexible courses will suit your individual  student needs.

Why choose to study a Spanish Course in  Buenos Aires? All our Spanish immersion classes have a maximum of 7 students per class with an average of 6 students.

Use modern communicative Spanish teaching techniques

  • All our Íbero Spanish classes have been carefully put together to ensure you will progress with your Spanish level rapidly
  • Our Spanish immersion lessons are well structured, intensive and responsive to all different student demands
  • Our Spanish courses in Buenos Airesare available in 6 different levels (A1 – C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • The courses offerings are open to adults aged 17 and over
  • Our classes start any Monday of the year
  • Our Spanish immersion courses are fun and enjoyable
  • All our Spanish programs are taught by native Spanish speakers, educated to degree level and qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language
  • Our diverse Spanish classes are suitable for students from beginner to advanced level
  • All Spanish classes missed due to public holidays are made up

Useful information to take into account for all our Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

  • Each Íbero Spanish class lasts 50 minutes
  • The Social Activities Program will complement your structured classroom Spanish learning, consisting of 10 additional lessons per week, all included in the price of your Spanish course.
  • You can also take part in our TEFL course in Buenos Aires and get a full time paid job right after the course.
  • There is a Spanish placement test to be completed online
  • The price of your Spanish class includes all Spanish learning materials including initial Spanish textbook
  • Free access to the internet
  • Final Spanish exam
  • Lifelong end of Spanish course certificate (attendance and academic progress)

Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires are an intensive 15 hour per week course taught in communicative Spanish by native Spanish teachers from Argentina, Spain and/or Latin America armed with a vast experience on teaching the Spanish language to foreign students (non-native Spanish speakers). All our Spanish immersion courses at Íbero Buenos Aires will enable the student to achieve a level defined as ¨independent user¨ by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which involves having enough autonomy to carry out the majority of the specific exercises that require the use of language in all Spanish speaking countries.

Each Spanish course in Buenos Aires at Ibero Spanish has a set schedule and number of Spanish classes hours provided by the school. 

All Spanish group classes will have a minimum of three students each.  If, for any reason, this minimum cannot be reached, Íbero Spanish School Buenos Aires has the right to modify the class hours.  Students in a group class of only one or two people will be provided with an academically equivalent structure of two hours of instruction.

All the prices for all students are the same as those posted on the school’s website.  The student is required to complete payment on their first day of classes.  Untimely completion of payment will result in the cancellation of all previously quoted discounts, and require the student to pay in full the posted price for all programs. Classes missed due to national holidays are not made up, but will be reflected in discounted weekly prices when necessary.


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