HIGH QUALITY SPANISH IMMERSION COURSE IN BUENOS AIRES: If you are searching for an affordable and high quality Spanish immersion course in Buenos Aires and at the same time you want to have time for enjoying the city and the culture, Íbero is the right Spanish School for you. We guarantee that you will learn the Spanish language very fast and in an effective way. Also too, you can take part in our social program every week, have fun and meet students from all parts of the world! Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires!

  • We feel each student special to us, and we make them feel like home.
  • We have been in the language school market for 16 years now. We know our student´s learning needs and are constantly improving our system and our teaching method.
  • We have our own published materials, which have been developed and improved over the years. In fact, we are the only school in Buenos Aires with a self-published line of Spanish learning textbooks!
  • You will attend Spanish immersion classes with highly qualified, bilingual instructors.
  • You will have the chance to meet new people and make new friends all the time, you can choose from a number of outings to join and get to know different Argentine customs while experiencing some interesting sites throughout the city.
  • Knowing Spanish will make living and working in Buenos Aires (or any other Spanish speaking country) a great experience.
  • There is no registration fee for the Spanish course and no other hidden fees.
  • We offer a TEFL certification course here at our school in Buenos Aires, as well. Throughout our program, native English speakers become accredited ESL Teachers and get a job right after their TEFL course.
  • Check out our Spanish school, visit our classrooms and imagine yourself studying a Spanish course in Buenos Aires. Don’t you want to come now? We are open Monday through Friday, 9.00-5.00.


Spanish course highlights
  • Academic materials and assessment as well as an exclusive Íbero textbook
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • No hidden extra costs or application fee


  • The city of Buenos Aires, La ciudad de Buenos Aires, has so much to offer visitors that it is difficult to narrow down your itinerary to just a few activities. Buenos Aires is a multicultural city and getting out around the different neighborhoods is a good way to get to know the diversity that exists in Buenos Aires.  It is up to you to get the most from your experience and studying Spanish at Íbero can be a part of having an exciting time in Argentina!
  • HIGH QUALITY SPANISH IMMERSION COURSE IN BUENOS AIRES: Ferias are a great way to spend an afternoon or a good part of your weekend in the city. You can experience a lot of different customs and traditions by going to a feria contained by a few streets.  Two very well-known ferias where you will discover a little bit of everything are the Feria of Recoleta, near the Recoleta cemetary and the Feria of San Telmo.  Both ferias showcase wares by local craftspeople, food vendors and street performers.
  • Tango is well known internationally, but originated in Buenos Aires. The dance form many characterize by its passion grew from an underground dance combining many customs of European immigrants to a world-renowned form of dance.  While in Buenos Aires you must experience a live Tango band and try your hand at mastering a few steps of this dance.
  • Argentines are passionte people and fútbol is important business as well as a guaranteed good time out. Head over to a local cancha and watch a game between local favorites, Boca Juniors, or River.  Even if you don’t understand the rules of soccer, you may pick up one or two of the songs “hinchas” or fans sing during the game.  Even if you don’t make it out to a fútbolgame you should at least watch a soccer match in a local bar so you can cheer for a local team alongside Argentines.
  • HIGH QUALITY SPANISH IMMERSION COURSE IN BUENOS AIRES: There is no better way to get to know a culture, its traditions, and meet locals, than through experiencing traditional cuisine of the area. The type of food and drink that has become popular or forms part of traditional Argentine food tells the story of local customs and the history of the country.  Sharing empanadas and pizza with friends or attending an asado are typical Argentine experiences that shouldn’t be missed.  What better to accompany a rich dinner of Argentinean carne or asado than with wine grown and produced in the country.  As the 5th largest consuming country of wine in the world, Argentina is overflowing with excellent wine available for very reasonable prices.  The grape varietal Malbec is a unique fruit-forward type of wine that is a great companion for typical Argentine cuisine.
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