How to find a Spanish Class in Buenos Aires

Spanish immersion programs in Buenos Aires Argentina

  • Our Spanish immersion courses here at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires are an intensive 20 hour per week course taught in communicative Spanish by native Spanish teachers from Argentina, Spain and/or Latin America armed with a vast experience on teaching the Spanish language to foreign students (non-native Spanish speakers).
  • All our Spanish immersion courses at Íbero will enable the student to achieve a level defined as ¨independent user¨ by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which involves having enough autonomy to carry out the majority of the specific exercises that require the use of language in all Spanish speaking countries. During the course, students will improve their interaction, written and listening skills as well as reading comprehension in the Spanish language.
  • All our Spanish immersion courses at Íbero integrate Argentinian culture with learning and language study. In small groups of a maximum of 8 students, the student will learn and practice specific functions and cultural as well as formal components of the language. Our classes will focus on using and combining different teaching methods which will enhance the student’s learning. The discussion of Spanish word meanings will be encouraged, provoking thought and autonomous learning.
  • Our Spanish program here at Íbero will also motivate language exchanges with English students and social integration within the city of Buenos Aires, which are key motivators for Spanish language learning.


  • During all our Spanish immersion courses our students’ progress will be analyzed by means of continual assessment in which attendance as well as participation are key components of class performance. At the end of the Spanish course, all the students’ skills will be evaluated.
  • Our method of teaching Spanish to foreign students here at Íbero pays equal attention to developing all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with a special emphasis on the effective communication in Spanish.

The four skills


The objective of this skill is centered on the concept of information-sharing, so the majority of the listening activities will focus on content that reflects student´s feelings and ideas. Students will be able to talk about themselves, likes and dislikes, opinions and reactions, etc. Students will speak individually, in pairs, and in groups, in order to finally communicate in natural settings.


We all know speaking in Spanish will not just happen overnight; our students will have to make a conscious effort to practice it. Success in speaking will also depend on student´s confidence and willingness to speak Spanish and even make mistakes!


Reading is an interactive process between the reader and the writer. The materials students will read during the Spanish language course at Íbero will provide them with a great deal of information, both cultural and linguistic (vocabulary and structures of Spanish). Students will learn strategies used by good readers to understand texts better. Our students will also be exposed to intensive reading (short texts), and extensive reading (short novels).


Writing is an important form of interaction between the student and the instructor. Writing skills will be developed with the help of our instructor, who will give students necessary feedback (both linguistic and contextual) on what to write. Students will practice vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish, using some external aids (grammar book, textbook, personal dictionary and bilingual dictionary) to work on the accuracy and effective structuring of writing a composition in Spanish.


  • Normally students wanting to progress in their knowledge of Spanish will be exposed to certain grammatical and lexical aspects of the Spanish language.
  • It is very important for all students to build a solid linguistic foundation in order to be able to communicate effectively in Spanish in order to be integrated to the culture of Buenos Aires and Latin America sooner
  • This means students will need to study and internalize the Spanish language grammar and vocabulary, and then practice it both in class exercises/tasks, and at home doing homework.


I recently had the pleasure of both taking classes at Íbero and doing an internship at the school.  Both experiences were incredibly rewarding and gave me insight into not only being a student at Íbero but also in seeing the hard work that the Íbero school undertakes so that its students have the best possible experience in Buenos Aires with them. The classes that they offer cater to all level of students, whether they are complete beginners or advanced speakers. The school was very accommodating to students needs and worked hard to ensure that students were in the appropriate class environment based on their language skills.  The professors go out of their way to make the classroom a fun and exciting place to learn Spanish.  I had the opportunity to meet each professor and each one left a positive impression on me. They all captured the attention of their students during class time and were committed to making sure that their students excelled during their time at the school. By organizing daily activities throughout Buenos Aires and by planning weekly dinners, Íbero goes out of its way to make sure that students have fun outside of the classroom as well. These events were perfect for socializing with students from all different countries and age groups and a great way to practice your newly acquired Spanish.

The building that the school is located in is of historical significance in the city of Buenos Aires and I felt that Íbero did an excellent job in providing a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn. 

The Íbero experience is unique because it starts before you get to the school and lasts long after you graduate. Whether it is through e-mail or phone contact, the school is doing its best to make sure that you make the right decision and choose to learn Spanish with them.  If you need a pick-up at the airport for when you arrive in Buenos Aires, Ibero will make that happen. If you require housing during your stay, Ibero will arrange that for you. Their safe, clean and carefully chosen housing-arrangements were another impressive and unique experience offered.  If you want trip ideas or recommendations for awesome Argentine food, Íbero will make sure you experience the best that the city has to offer.

All in all, Íbero did an excellent job in exceeding my expectations both as a student and as an intern and I would highly recommend it to other students seeking a safe, fun, and rewarding language school in Buenos Aires. Benjamin Thiel, USA